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Jean Chaney

Clinical Hypnotherapist   





After graduating from university with a master's in social work majoring in clinical counselling, I worked in the public mental health service in Perth for over twenty years as a clinical social worker. During this time, I became interested in strategic short-term therapy to help clients to move forward with their lives. 


After studying hypnotherapy, I became aware that many clients could actually achieve positive changes without the need for years of counselling or therapy. 


Of course this powerful therapeutic process is not always appropriate for everyone and a thorough assessment of the client's situation is always necessary. 

I started my formal training in clinical hypnosis in 2013, and now after years of training and lots of ongoing study I have the privilege of helping people from all walks of life, to move forward, and to achieve personal growth and positive life changes. 

As a strengths based therapist I believe that people usually have the answer to their problems already within them. They often need help to draw out and discover their innate strengths and resources. Hypnotherapy is a very respectful therapeutic method, and the client is always the one to set their own goals for therapy.


What Does a Hypnotherapy Session Look Like? 


The first session is usually the longest, around 90 minutes, and involves a detailed assessment of your particular issues and therapy goals. Subsequent session are usually around 60 minutes, and you will be encouraged to practice between session with 'homework' tasks so that you leave with some practical tools to reinforce your new ways of thinking and behaving. 

Qualifications & Credentials 

Diploma Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy (IAP)

Diploma Clinical Hypnosis (AAH)

Master of Social Work, Advanced Practice/Clinical counselling (Curtin)

Grad Dip. Human Services (Curtin)

Bachelor of Social Work (UWA)

BA Applied Sc. (Curtin)

Cert 1V Assessment & Training 

Wellness Coaching Level 1

Diploma  CBT, O.A.

Certified Success Fit Weight Loss Hypnotist (ICBCH) 

Certified Specialist Smoking Cessation Hypnosis (AHA

Certified Specialist Trauma Recovery Hypnosis (AHA 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Advanced (ICBCH)

Certified Specialist Hypnosis & Weight Loss (AHA)

Certified Specialist Hypnosis for Immune Disorders (AHA


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If you feel ready to make some positive changes in your life,  please feel free to contact me - either to make an appointment or to schedule a private phone call to discuss your issues. 

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